Leadership Institute

Nehemiah International is working on the development of technical education to meet the needs of the people of El Salvador. 

It is our belief that the only thing that stands between success and failure in society is hope.  Through our technical education, we provide marketable skills, but also work to ensure there are job opportunities for our graduates.

Check back over the next few months for our progress on this exciting new program.

Technical Education

As a provider of external leadership training and skills, Nehemiah Leadership Institute focuses on government, police, church, schools and non profits to provide organizations with the latest and best leadership training.

Focusing primarily on servant and transformational leadership, we offer a 30 hour certification course, taught by leadership experts that prepares organizations for leading into the future.

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Creating Transformational Leaders is what Nehemiah International University is all about.  Each year we choose just 40 students out of hundreds who apply, giving them a 100% scholarship including all fees, tuition, food and quarters to sleep in during the week (and weekend if needed).

Each student is chosen for their ability to learn, willingness to stay the course, and likelihood of becoming a transformational leader.  Students choose from 3 courses of study: Accounting, Computer Science or Business Management, for which they work toward a bachelors degree.  Students  must become proficient in English and intensively study and practice leadership throughout their tenure. with us.

Students live on campus from Monday morning until Friday afternoon in a full-immersion program.  Students work in teams to cook and clean as well as complete their challenging coursework.

We are proud to say that our graduates are well prepared to face the challenges of this world and to transform the world for good.