Nehemiah International community programs include working in middle and high schools to prevent violence and teenage pregnancy and to encourage high school graduation.

Other programs include building houses, dental and medical brigades, feeding programs and various other means of helping our neighbors.

Creating opportunities of transformation to eliminate poverty throughout the world.


The Mission of Nehemiah International is to holistically approach the attributes of poverty, addressing the various challenges, including education, job creation, community development, spiritual needs,  as well as medical and family emotional health.

Nehemiah International Business Development works with small to medium size businesses, governmental development agencies,  and churches and non-profits to facilitate job opportunities in our communities.

  • Nehemiah International University
  • Nehemiah Technical Education
  • A.L.F. - Leadership in Schools
  • Leadership Institute 

Nehemiah's holistic approach to solving poverty includes helping poor families with their physical and mental health challenges.

Physical:  In addition to typical healthcare, Nehemiah is raising funds to build a state of the art diagnostic center for women.  This center recognizes the leading cause of cancer related deaths in women, cervical cancer, as an adversary that can be effectively fought, saving the lives of women and keeping families together. 

Mental/Family:  The strength of a nation is very much dependent on the strength of individual families.  Nehemiah International will provide family and marital counseling to keep families together and strong.

At Nehemiah International, we believe that the challenges of poverty must be addressed holistically.  In each of our programs we address one or more of the 9 characteristics of poverty: Financial, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Support Systems, Relationships, Knowledge of Hidden Rules and Language/Formal Register. (1) By addressing these challenges holistically, we are able to be highly effective in helping people transform their lives and their communities into healthy and vibrant places to work and live.